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Patient Testimonials

Vein Treatment Before & After Pictures

Bucks County Center for Vein Medicine offers a wide variety of varicose vein removal services and other treatments.

Below you will find pictures of patients taken before and after treatments.


Vein flares in the leg practically vanish after treatment.

Varicose Veins treated with ClosureFast

Before and After with the VenaSeal procedure

What are Clients Saying About Our Treatments?

Bucks County Center for Vein Medicine has been treating a variety of vein problems since 1992.  Our clients are treated with no pain, surgery, scars, or hospital stay.  Read for yourself what our satisfied clients have to say about our life-changing services.



“Consultations are recognized by both commercial insurances and Medicare as medically necessary evaluations. We will assist you with insurance approval and offer other options that are available.”

-Laura M. from New Jersey


“The results of their procedure to correct my varicose veins have been excellent. They are all A+”

– Joseph F. Saskiewicz


“My experience at the Center for Vein Medicine has been very rewarding. My varicose vein problem has been alleviated and my circulation is better than ever. I have been coming here for years – sometimes for treatment and sometimes for checkups. The people at the Vein Center from the extremely organized and welcoming office manager, to the qualified and caring medical staff – have truly changed my life.”

– Fern Gable

“I have been a patient since 10. They have done wonders with my veins in both legs. I am so pleased with the results. Besides being so good professionally, they are all especially nice people. They also measure you for your stockings that you can buy or order right there. I would high recommend the Center for Vein Medicine!”

– Maryann Roach

“I have been going to the Center for Vein Medicine for over ten years and have been so overall pleased that I sent my daughter (she came in from a distance). I have a significant history of varicose veins.

I have been around the block with my legs and was very happy to find the Center for Vein Medicine. Briefly (in 1968) I had my veins stripped in both legs. About 20 years later I had additional surgery. Up to the present time the Center for Vein Medicine has controlled my varicose vein situation without surgery.

My daughter recently required a combination of surgery and injections. We are also very pleased with her results. It is also important that the office is friendly and very helpful and patient with instructions and with helping my insurance. My insurance was challenging both my and then my daughter’s eligibility – as if this was nonessential with the medical history.”

– Leslie Gendzel

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