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Fridays: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Bucks County Vein Specialist

We Help You Overcome Pain & Embarrassment With Your Legs

Do You Experience…

If so, you may be eligible for non-invasive varicose vein treatment.

What is Venous Reflux?

Do you have significant bulgy veins that cause an unsightly appearance and sometimes persistent tingling pain?
You may be suffering from vein disease. Venous reflux, also called Chronic Venous Insufficiency, happens when your veins can no longer circulate blood properly due to a lack of elasticity.

Trusted by Patients Across Bucks County

Five stars for Dr. Kowalski and his team. My bilateral inguinal hernia surgery went very well, no complications and very little pain. I am on my way to complete recovery. Thank you Dr. Kowalski for your excellent skills and experience! Robert Kucharski
My experience was very positive. No long waiting like other doctor's offices. A+ to whoever thinks of going here.
I couldn't say nicer things about both Dr. Kowalski and his office staff. First, Dr. Kowalski is very kind and professional. He explains the process in advance very clearly so you know what to expect on the actual day of the procedure. Then, upon your arrival, you are escorted into the room, prepped by his very nice assistant; and then handed two rubber balls with which to squeeze as a distraction should you feel pain. While definitely happy that they were there as my security blanket, I really only needed them for a couple pinches, nothing worth shedding tears over. What I especially liked is that Dr. Kowalski would count one, two, three as a head's up that you may feel a pinch or pressure. You are told step by step what to expect as it is happening. When done, they put the support hose on my leg, added a little wrapping and the entire procedure was over within a half hour. As I checked out, the staff was so sweet. They always have a smile for you, plus the patience of a Saint. I was late for two of my three appointments, and each time they were so kind about it, and took me in anyway. Now that is accommodating. And the best part, my legs look gorgeous. No more ugly veins, no more throbbing or pain, and I'm back to exercising, walking and living life unencumbered by leg pain. Thank you Dr. Kowalski and staff.
David Noonan
David Noonan
I've seen Dr. Kowalski twice now for inguinal hernia repairs. His humor, care, skill, and expertise made me feel incredibly comfortable with the procedures. His upgrade to Robotic Assisted surgeries has only improved his practice. You're in great hands with Chris.
Lorco Generic
Lorco Generic
I was completely impressed with their professionalism and customer service. Dr. Kowalski made feel welcome and was very informative.I know I'm in good hands with my upcoming surgery.
Joyce Webb
Joyce Webb
Sarah is excellent and professional. Answers questions easily and makes everything understandable. Makes environment comfortable.
Gerald Reilly
Gerald Reilly
Great staff, professional service. Helpful and accommodating. Doctor and staff are a pleasure to deal with.
I have been having terrible pain in my legs especially at night. My one leg was swollen and a bit red.I looked on Google and found Dr. Kowalski.As soon as I entered the office, I was greeted with a welcome smile by one of his staff.Everyone was so friendly, it made me feel at ease. Then when Dr. Kowalski came in he listed to my concerns. He answered all of my questions. He made me feel like he really appreciated me and really wanted me to feel better. I was in and out very quickly.I was set up that day by the staff to have an ultrasound at the office. Dr. Kowalski told me what compression socks to get on Amazon.It has been a week since my visit and now I am sleeping through the night without any leg pain. Thank you Dr. Kowalski and staff. I will see you in a few weeks.Sheila S
Janet Williams
Janet Williams
The receptionist at Dr. Kowalski’s office called me when the office had a cancellation so that I could see the doctor a few weeks earlier than I was originally scheduled. I appreciated the call to reschedule my appointment.Dr. Kowalski had two suggestions for me. One was that I get a certain brand of compression knee-highs. Immediately, these socks made my legs feel so much better. I’ll be able to present my receipt for the socks to my insurance company because the doctor wrote a prescription for them. The second suggestion was to have a simple procedure to eliminate my problem surface veins, which Dr. Kowalski will complete after an ultrasound. I’m confident that Dr. Kowalski can successfully solve my vein problems. Also, the receptionist gave me a pamphlet explaining the procedure and she explained the details to me.
Carlos Aponte
Carlos Aponte
My visit to this place was an excellent experience. I was prompt attend and after the doctor's checked his honesty and professional analysis I will recommend his honesty and professional service.
Maryann Roach
Maryann Roach
Dr. Kowalski is very professional and caring physician. I would recommend him very much. He is good at doing veins. I am very pleased with his work!!This post is now for the second procedure I had done to my other leg. It is amazing how good my legs look now. Dr. Kowalski works in a professional matter but very personable. I love how he tells you what is going to happen and how it should feel. Definitely would recommend him and his staff. The girls are nice and friendly.
Cynthia Jones
Cynthia Jones
Dr. Kowalski was very thorough; he took the time to show & explain the procedure(s) that he was to perform. He works quickly and efficiently with outstanding results. The staff are pleasant and welcoming, making the entire experience a 5 Star rating!
Nita Dranoff
Nita Dranoff
Sarah Bernatowicz, the technician in Dr. Kowalski practice, is very through and nice. She warms up gel for ultrasound and makes the experience comfortable. All the staff a nice and caring.
All I can say, is that I am so grateful to have found Dr. Kowalski. He is a gifted surgeon. The procedures that he has done for me in his vein center have been such a blessing to me. At my age, I didn’t think there would be anything that could help my tired, ugly legs. Well, he knew and did!! The procedures were painless and renewed my ability to enjoy life. His office is friendly and Sarah is his wonderful assistant. They work so well together…. And, my procedures were pleasant experiences.
Bonnie Harrison
Bonnie Harrison
Sarah Bernatowicz the radiographer was very nice; she explained the procedure Dr. Kowalski would be doing to relieve the pain in my legs. She gave me the brochure and explained what Varithena is and what will be accomplished with the procedure.
Michael Goodman
Michael Goodman
The entire office is very professional, the Procedure they did on both my legs has made a tremendous difference in how I go about my everyday routine, I would definitely recommend them
Al G
Al G
Dr. Kowalski is a very proactive and compassionate Dr. In the 10 minutes I spent with him I knew he was the right Dr. To trust with my vein issues.
Dr. takes time to explain the process, recommends the course of action. Team takes care of scheduling all necessary visits. Visits always happen on time.
Walt Schneider
Walt Schneider
Had a very good visit to the office, Dr Kowalski was very informative on all aspects of the procedure.
Thomas Casey
Thomas Casey
Dr. Kowalski was very knowledgeable, explained my condition throughly & has a great bedside manner. I would recommend Dr Kowalski to anyone who is experiencing leg vein problems.
Joan Hooven
Joan Hooven
I was very satisfied with the staff and Dr. Kowalski. I would definitely recommend them, especially Sarah.
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At Bucks County Center, varicose vein procedures are covered by most insurance companies.

Virtually Painfree

We’re equipped with the latest cutting-edge, minimally invasive, and virtually pain-free vein treatments!

Quick Recovery

You’ll be surprised how most of our patients return to their normal day-to-day activities the very same day!

15-45 Minutes

Now you can enjoy a varicose-vein-free journey with treatments that only take 15-45 minutes to complete.

Why Bucks County Vein Specialist?

At Bucks County Vein Specialist, every patient receives care from a Board Certified Surgeon ensuring expert treatment at every step.

We prioritize your comfort and understanding, dedicating ample time to each visit and conducting thorough follow-ups to ensure the best possible care. Our pricing is competitive with other vein removal centers, and we also provide financing options to make treatment accessible to more people.

Furthermore, commercial insurance and Medicare recognize our consultations as medically necessary evaluations. We are committed to assisting you with insurance approval and will guide you through any available alternatives, making our center your best choice for vein treatment.

Why You Shouldn't Leave Your Varicose Veins Untreated

While varicose veins are often seen as a cosmetic concern, it’s important to recognize that without treatment, they can pose serious health risks.
  • Persistent Pain: Varicose veins contribute to venous reflux, disrupting proper blood circulation and leading to diminished oxygen delivery, resulting in muscle cramps and localized pain.
  • Risk of Infection: Venous conditions may lead to the development of leg ulcers, increasing susceptibility to skin lesions and potential complications due to exposure to bacteria.
  • Bleeding: Varicose veins, located closer to the skin’s surface and prone to inflammation, are more susceptible to injury and subsequent bleeding incidents.
  • Swelling: Hindered blood flow within the legs can cause reflux, resulting in swelling and discomfort due to inefficient circulation.
  • Blood Clots: Blood pooling in the legs heightens the risk of clot formation, which could dislodge and travel through the bloodstream, potentially triggering serious conditions such as deep vein thrombosis.

Early intervention is crucial when it comes to addressing varicose veins. Do not postpone seeking treatment.

About Bucks County Vein Specialist

Identify, Treat, and Eliminate

Bucks County Center for Vein Medicine was established in 1992 and is the longest standing Vein clinic in Bucks County.  Our Center is able to treat varicose veins without the need for lengthy surgery or hospitalization.

The BCCVM is an IAC-accredited Facility. The Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) is a nonprofit organization that evaluates and accredits facilities that provide diagnostic imaging and intervention-based procedures, thus improving the quality of patient care provided in private offices, clinics, and hospitals where such services are performed.

Read more here: IAC Website


Most frequent questions and answers

In your leg, you have two sets of veins. They are called deep veins and superficial veins.

Deep veins are in the deeper part of the leg where the muscles are, and superficial veins are right under the skin.

In a normal person, the blood circulates from the feet toward the heart in both veins.

When someone has venous insufficiency, the blood will go up the deep veins and back into the superficial vein.

The blood will start pooling in the superficial veins.

Since the superficial veins are closest to the skin, they will bulge and create varicose veins. They are often bluish or purple.

Spider Veins are essentially a smaller version of varicose veins. They are red, purple, and blue vessels that are also twisted and turning. They are most often seen on the legs, chest, or face.

No. Varicose veins can occur deeper in the leg, where one can’t see them. Varicose veins are classified under the spectrum of venous insufficiency disease.

Venous insufficiency disease causes leg discomfort, swelling of the ankles and leg, itching, and weariness. Other signs and symptoms may be prickling, cramping, aching, and heaviness of the lower limbs after prolonged standing.

Keep an eye out for these symptoms besides simply visible veins.

In short, no. Exercise and compression stockings may help reduce some of the symptoms of varicose veins, but usually, only medical treatment can eliminate a varicose vein.

Progression of varicose veins can be dangerous as they may later become venous ulcerations. When left without treatment, complications may include rashes, infections, bleeding, sores, and blood clots.

In rare cases, varicose veins can cause deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism, which is life-threatening.

1) Consult – We start you with a consultation where you will be listened to and encounter a friendly staff that will ensure you get the best care. On the first visit, that care will come from our expertly trained team, including Dr. Kowalski and an ultrasonographer.

2) Ultra Sound – After the consult, we move on to the assessment, providing you with an accurate diagnosis. You will get the same-day ultrasound and results on-site while you see the provider. This will get you back to life as swiftly as possible.

3) Treatment Plan – After we conclude our assessment, we will provide you with a treatment plan.

There are many different options, such as Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA), sclerotherapy, pneumatic compression, and more. We will ensure you get the perfect customized treatment based on your needs and outcome goals.

It is normal to have some minor discomfort during the procedure. We will do everything we can to make this as relaxing and comfortable an experience as possible. After the procedure, patients may experience minor bruising or discomfort in the area of the treated vein, which normally resolves in 3-4 weeks. Overall, patients report minimal pain/discomfort and can go back to doing the things they love.

Patients usually return to work and activities on the very same day. Very little downtime is needed for our treatments.

Payment Policies

Co-payments and payments must be rendered at the time of the visit. We accept cash, Visa and MasterCard. If you would like a financing option please visit Care Credit for more information.